Girls. Pictures. Problems

I’m not sure how it happened. I’m not sure when it started. But somehow, it all did.

Girls are crazy. When it comes to taking pictures, they’re ridiculous. Anyone who knows me will, I predict, be thinking what complete hypocrisy this post may potentially end up producing.

I take a lot of pictures. That’s an understatement. I take a buttload of pictures. My Facebook albums seem endless. Trying to count them is like trying to count the number of stars who have had more than one divorce.

I take pictures of anything, anyone and everything.

“There’s my cute family.” *SNAP*

“There’s my cute doggie.” *SNAP*

“Here’s me with one of my friends. Woot.” *SNAP*

“Here’s me in another wig.” *SNAP*

“Here’s the latest crap I made in the kitchen, and I can actually eat it.”
*SNAP for blog*

“There’s a toad.” *SNAP*

There are so many photo opportunities, I have to take full advantage of what the world has to offer. And, I now have an awesome camera. Boom.

That’s not where I find problems, though. I highly encourage people who love taking pictures to TAKE pictures.

______Posing Poser Posies______

The problem diagnosed: How we, as girls, often (or always) pose.

Everyone under the age of 30 has seen it — the meme created by a boy dressed as a girl taking pictures in typical girl poses. At least, I think that’s what I saw months ago.

When and why did the duck face gain popularity among the masses of 8+-year-old women? I’ve done it many times. Why? I’ll tell you.

_The Three Reasons Girls Make the Duck Face_

  1. “Hehe, I can make fun of other girls and myself by making this face. People will understand my humor and think I’m funny if I make fun of the countless other women of the past who have made this face and thought they were hot. I think I’ll be hot by making this face and simultaneously making fun of it because humor is hot/haute/hawt/hott, right? Right.”
  2. “I look hot. Boys like duck faces. They also ‘like’ duck face pictures on FB, so they must think it’s supa hot.”
  3. “What face are you making for the picture? Oh, the duck face. OK. I will, too. Hehe. We’re fun.”

TBC. I’m tired. But, that’s it. That’s why girls make the duck face. I just explained one aspect of modern-day women. There. I accept avocados and berries as thank-you gifts, just FYI.

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