Wasabi’s sushi bar offers variety with royal treatment

Published February 9, 2012, in MSUM’s, The Advocate

Fish can be prepared in numerous fashions, but one of the most fantastic and beautiful methods are by way of sushi.

The sushi bar at Wasabi, located on First Avenue in downtown Fargo, provides a cool, yet intimate atmosphere. Dimly lit and decorated with dark wood, the rich, warm tones of red embody the Asian-inspired decor. Though many may find the dimness disturbing to the eyes, it somehow makes the joint even classier.

MEGHAN FEIR – feirme@mnstate.edu

The sushi chef treated my friend Angie and I like royalty (as often as royals order from sushi establishments). He decorated our plates with orchids and decorative grass, among other ingredients. We ordered a few different rolls, so we could sample a greater variety and have leftovers for the rest of the week.

Among the rolls we ordered were the spicy salmon and the California roll. The spicy salmon included salmon (who knew?), avocado and a semi-spicy sauce. The California included avocado (I can’t get enough), cucumber and imitation crab. Both rolls were delicious, fresh and filled me to the point of contentment. Not to mention, I had quite a few left to eat on a later date.

Our server, Andi, was delightful, to say the least. She was cheerful, attentive and spaced her times of checking up on us exquisitely. I’ve been to Wasabi on several other occasions, and have had another server, who is usually somber, standing in silence, with an intimidating stare. Needless to say, Andi was a breath of fresh air.

The sushi chef and his helpers were also kind, paid attention to detail and wore smiles on their faces. They thanked us numerous times, once again making us feel like queens.

Sitting at the sushi bar, as opposed to sitting in a booth, was delightful. You get to sit in high-backed chairs at a counter, and you can give your order right to the sushi chef when you’ve checked the items you’d like to order on one of their menu lists.

Also, for any lost souls who are trying to find their way around a wheat, dairy and grease-filled world of fast food and restaurants, ordering sushi is a great way to avoid such ingredients (with the exception of rolls like the Philadelphia roll, which includes cream cheese). They also offer a tasty soy sauce with a salt content that is considerably less than usual.

Wasabi provided a memorable and welcoming atmosphere of smiling staff and efficient service the Sunday Angie and I visited. And, if atmosphere is your main priority when deciding on one of the many sushi restaurants in the F-M area, you will find a classy, yet casual atmosphere behind their door.



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