Birthdays: A Day for Cheating

Originally published June 27, 2012 in a previous blog of mine. 

ImageWell, I’d been doing pretty well on my not-for-the-faint-of-heart diet. My roommate even made me a dairy/wheat/gluten-free (am I missing anything?) cake that I could eat for my early birthday party last weekend. And no, it was not made of air, though a good gust of wind would fill anyone up. She even made a normal cake for the other guests.

Anyway, I was really good. Then, my real birthday came around the block — June 27th, a day for cheaters.

I had the day off, which was fab. I had so much fun. My sister took me out for lunch to this awesome sushi restaurant where I ordered the best sushi roll I’ve ever munched on. It had some tempura shrimp in it, however, so there was my first shame-on-you moment. We then ordered some tasty alcoholic drink that came in a big bowl thing for us to share. It was fun. I could feel my throat closing up from all the sugar and alcohol, but it was still fun.

After that, the restaurant brought me some fried bananas, since it was my birthday.

Later, we ate some cake pops.

Later, later, I ate two flour tortillas because my parents and grandma were sweet and took me to a Mexican restaurant. Fajitas. Mmmm.

Since I’ve been an insomniac for the past weeks, I took some Melatonin, hoping it would actually help. They’re small, but I knew I’d better snap it in half since my throat has been especially awful lately.

It got stuck in my throat.

The next day, I took a really small, soft-gel oregano pill.

I got stuck in my throat.

Well, needless to say, I’ve been paying the price. I’m still a large bloatation device from the sugar and wheat, even though it’s been three days since my supposed naughtiness. But, ya know what? Who cares.

Everyone has to cheat every once in awhile on their diet. Without cheating here and there, the foods of your old lifestyle will constantly call out to you, reaching, trying to snag you back. They’ll be a constant temptation.

By cheating, I realize why I don’t cheat more often, and it makes me want to cheat even less.


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