Blueberry Eggs with Goat Cheese

Originally published in a previous, less successful blog of mine in Sept. 2012

Blueberry eggs with goat cheese — does that sound weird? Well, it probably is, but it sure tasted good to me.

*I’m not posting a picture of my creation because I wanted a nice picture, and the picture I took of it was not nice.

Blueberry Eggs with Goat Cheese

  • First, use a bit of Earth Balance butter to saute some chopped up onions.

*I like chopping up onions and putting them in a container so I can just take it out of the fridge whenever I want to add some oniony goodness to whatever I’m cooking. This also cuts down on crying time.

  • Sprinkle some pepper stuff and garlic salt to your onions.
  • Next, put a lid on it — the frying pan cover, that is.
  • Then, make a business call toward getting affordable health insurance and leave the onions on the burner at medium to high heat while you’re in another room. The aroma will let you know when you need to come back.
  • After the phone call (lasting only a few minutes) goes smoothly, return to the kitchen swiftly. Crack a couple eggs and add to your delightful onion concoction.
  • Don’t burn them. No worries. I didn’t.
  • Add some almond milk as you push the egg mixture around in the sauce pan on medium heat.
  • Pour some blueberry juice and some of the jam/jelly/whatever to the eggs. *You can buy sugar-free blueberry jam/jelly that uses Splenda.
  • Mix. Mix. Stir.
  • Put some goat cheese in it!
  • Let it all melt up a tad with the lid on.
  • Place meal on a pretty plate.
  • Take a crappy picture of it.
  • Eat.

Mmmm. What a conglomeration.

Q. Why did I put blueberry jam or jelly (what’s the difference again?) in the mix?

A. I decided to add the decadence of blueberries to my eggs because I can eat blueberries, and because of slightly endearing memories — memories of when my mother would make homemade blueberry syrup for our pancakes. It was always inevitable that my blueberry syrup would end up spreading over the whole plate, therefore touching my eggs.

So, I thought, why not purposely add them to my eggs?

Well, now I have.


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