Learn from My Mistakes, Dear Friends

 Originally published in a previous, less successful blog of mine in Feb. of 2013

Acceptance is hard, but having hope is even scarier. In order to have hope that you’ll find answers, or even greater — get completely healed — you risk getting your heart crushed each and every time a lead doesn’t pan out. I’ve been there. We all have in different ways.

There’s another option. To live by the cliche words of “It is what it is.” If we accept that things are the way they are, we won’t set ourselves up for disappointment. We won’t go up and down in unpredictable emotional elevations. We won’t be so hurt if we prepare ourselves by saying that things will stay the same. We buy in to the message that we shouldn’t have such high expectations; that we shouldn’t take such large doses of hope. 

I tried that. I tried saving myself from disappointment because I felt I didn’t need any more servings of discouragement dished out to me. I had become weary from all the searching, and annoyed that lack of funds and insurance deterred me from attempting to find answers from the very people who had failed me so much in the past — doctors.

Discouragement and Negativity: Friends Forever

After a summer-long stint of staying away from sugar and yeast, along with my regular off-limit foods (anything with wheat or dairy in it), I was completely discouraged. Things weren’t clearing up as quickly as I had hoped. 

Healing often takes time, and we’re impatient people. After living almost your entire life with these afflictions, it’s easy to crave immediate results. 

Positive Results on the Horizon

However, there were a few MAJOR improvements I did eventually notice. The welts that I always had all over my body began to clear up. My skin hadn’t looked that good since age 12, and I mean that literally. I still had scarring and a few welts here and there, but RESULTS — GREAT results!

Another major thing to note is that my exercise-induced asthma began to clear up, too! For the first time, I was out playing tennis with a few friends  and noticed my lack of wheezing and windedness. 

This is What a Cheater Looks Like

Those two results alone should have been big enough reasons to continue such a “limiting diet,” but I still grew weary from the strictness of avoiding dairy, wheat, sugar and yeast. 

I began incorporating some sugar back into my diet and cheated with a little wheat here and there last fall. Due to this stupid decision, I began having what would become chronic headaches, even more brain fog, inflammation throughout my body, and the return of more welts. 

It wasn’t until the first week of January (right around resolution time, which seems fitting…) when I started avoiding sugar again. I also stopped cheating (even a little) with wheat, though my “cheating times” weren’t very often as it was. 

Within a week of once again avoiding sugar, yeast and wheat, along with primarily eating most fruits and vegetables, my chronic headaches ceased. What a complete blessing. 

Now, to continue onward and dump the discouragement. 


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