Making Good-for-You Waffles


_______________Was it a waste for me to cheat?____________

Here’s my gravelly, hurtful voice, struggling to sing. It’s hard loving and wanting to sing or talk when you have eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease I still have to double check the spelling whenever I have to write it. Hah!

Over the years, the feeling of having a constant lump in my throat is a daily hurdle. It’s painful and annoying, and my voice seems to change its range every day (some days are better than others).

Anyone who even remotely knows me knows I love to chat, sing — anything involving my voice. With these problems, it’s often hurt too much to talk or sing at all, which is more than annoying. But, I will press on! Someday, I’m sure it will heal. God hasn’t given Katie and me some answers this year for nothing!

________Hypocrite, thy name is Meghan _______

So, I was finally able to get home, and I was also able to have a little bit of alone time with the piano. I was completely naughty this weekend, so, of course, my throat felt as lumpy as a beanbag.

However, I was determined to come up with another arrangement for the piano. I figured I might as well cheat since my throat has been so horrific from withdrawal, anyway. This is a terrible mentality to have, so thankfully, it only lasted the weekend.

How did I cheat THIS time? Well, for the huge family gathering this weekend on the Feir side, my mother, being the queen baker of making amazing delicacies, made these sinfully delicious bars — two kinds, in fact. One was a homemade version of salted nut rolls, and the other bars… well, let’s just say they had chocolate and large quantities of dairy products.

They were to die for.

They were worth feeling the sting of sharp stomach pains, cramps, nearly anaphylaxis and coming close to throwing up.

They were worth barely being able to swallow, talk and sing for a short time.

They were worth feeling like a beached whale for days.

THAT is how good they were…

I also ate one side of a toasted bun when I ordered a cheese-less, plain burger with my parents.

Anyway, sorry body. I done you wrong (terrible English, I know).

Well, that was that. I’m back to my usual sugar/dairy/wheat/gluten/yeast-free living.

__________Oatmeal Blender Waffles_______

Today, I’m going to run all my errands, since it’s my day off, and I’m going to buy a cheap waffle maker! Woooo! I’m going to make the recipe for Oatmeal Blender Waffles from the “Go Dairy Free” book by Alisa Marie Fleming that my sister gave me. ❤ My sister makes these all the time, and I love them.

Tonight, I will make them and create my own concoction that will be, I’m sure, similar to maple syrup, yet without the sugar!

I’ll wish myself luck, since no one talks to me on here… it is, in fact, a blog.


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