New Year, New Detox

Originally published in a previous, less successful blog of mine in Jan. of 2013

I’m baaaaaack.

We all know you have to be careful about self-diagnosing and getting information concerning health on the Internet. But, guess what? If we aren’t researching what is going on in our own bodies, no one will.

Doctors spend less than 20 minutes with you after you’ve waited for hours. They don’t want to admit your bowel movements are connected to the throat problems you’re having; that your aching joints are connected to the sinusitis you’ve contended with for years, if not your entire life. They don’t have enough time to research your body in 10 minutes, nor do most wish to.

They attempt to alleviate the symptoms, one symptom at a time, with drugs that have harsh side effects, short and long term, and don’t solve the actual problems.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want drugs. I don’t want medications that don’t even successfully mask the underlying conditions.

I want to be healed — to be rid of these ailments that have drained so much life out of me and my loved ones — and you.

“Know the Cause” is a show that exposes the horrendous acts of fungus in our bodies. The host, Doug Kaufmann, is so knowledgeable and is a perfect example of how energetic, youthful and healthy we can be, even though he’s in his early 60s. I recommend watching that show or visiting their site.

My sister, Katie, found an article tonight that focuses on the colon. I urge you all to read this, as well, though it’s pretty long. I’m going to start another detox regime this week. I don’t have their exact supplements, but I’m going to take L-Glutamine (in the form of powder) and Probiotics every day.

My sister and I will have a diet consisting of the following foods:

Vegetables (excluding corn)

Fruits (not really sugar-filled ones)



Nuts (excluding peanuts and pistachios, as those fuel fungus)

Keep in mind (as I try to) that we’re not trying to go hungry, and neither should you.

I am hoping beyond hope that by eating only these foods and by taking these supplements (perhaps more), we will start making noticeable leaps toward feeling well.

Granted, I know I will probably go through a bout of withdrawal again after I foolishly reincorporated sugar back into my diet last fall, but I am hoping it won’t last as long as my symptoms did last summer.


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