The Danger of Love

To love someone is a danger and a risk. They may throw you away at any moment. People are unpredictable and so often view others as expendable. In their eyes, your worth is equated to their selfish and temporary feelings of what you can add to their life.

Yet another reason why God’s commandment to love one another is not for the weak in spirit and heart. It’s an ongoing action, no matter the situation or how much time has elapsed. True love continues to love after hurt has already happened. Asking God to replace our bitterness with love is a necessity when pain is present.

What the world deems as “love” is so selfish, temporary. Unconditional love as God intended love to be has no expiration date, limitations or requirements, demands nothing, is merciful, kind, understanding, sacrifices for the other, and is the opposite of so much “love” seen everywhere today.

Do you really love whom you say you do?


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