Land of the free, home of the enslaved

As humans and, especially, Americans, we get so caught up in “the pursuit of happiness,” and we hate to be inhibited, having anyone tell us no or get in the way.

We may be freer to pursue our desires, but we are not necessarily free from them. We can all be quite stupid, after all. We want what we want, and by always following that mentality, that desire for uninhibited, anything-goes “freedom,” we can dig ourselves into a pit.

The pursuit is just that — constantly searching for illusive happiness that we think will bring fulfillment.

I am inexpressibly thankful for all the freedoms I do enjoy in this country, but we get too caught up in self-entitlement and think freedom means having no constraints.

“Freedom,” as we define it, can be a double-edged sword. We need to, through prayer, God’s Word and the wisdom and discernment He gives us, evaluate whether what we deem as “freeing” is actually truly liberating or adding more links to our chains.


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