The Dark Irony of the Tolerant

The tolerant are so intolerant these days.

They cry for peace while throwing darts of flaming anger. They preach against hate as they practice it faithfully. They only defend those who subscribe to their opinions. They scream for inclusion as they ostracize others. They call others bullies as they attack those who have different beliefs and opinions. They use the First Amendment to defend their “hate speech,” the very thing they say they’re violently against. They expect others to walk on eggshells as they wear lead shoes. They must be heard at all times, though they silence and shut down others. They fear for tyranny, though they are the oppressors.

I’m afraid the open-minded are stuck in a closed box.

Peace is better than war, and love should reign over hate, but the battle is waging in our own living rooms now.

How you choose to act toward family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers is up to you, but no matter where you lean politically, wouldn’t it be better to emulate the very traits you say you want to see practiced by others?

I’m not writing this to start a fight, so please, lay down your weapons.